Equine Art Therapy

skylar earsEquine Art Therapy is a unique approach that supports personal exploration through creative practice that has the horse-human connection as its foundation. The Wedgetail Equine Art Therapy Program has effectively facilitated change in many participants.


Benefits to participants can include: resilience, self-belief, issues of power and responsibility, self-direction, care and empathy. The horse provides direct feedback to a person’s behaviour and attitudes, and the opportunity for honest self-reflection without pressure.


The program is supported by a significant body of research that crosses many disciplines including mindfulness, trauma and PTSD, eco-psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. For many participants the relational nature of the horse experience is a profound benefit that provides a healing outcome and deeper sense of what it is to be human.


A session (allow approximately one hour) is typically one-on-one-on-one – instructor, client and horse. While groundwork is the basis of each session, mounting and riding a horse may also be of therapeutic benefit. The Wedgetail Program is unique in that it can facilitate a range of equine experiences, from agility sessions and arena based ground work through to gentle trail rides on the Wedgetail property.

Costs $95 per session (approx. 45-60 mins)

GROUP Equine Art Therapy

Wedgetail also offers a 5 week group Equine Art Therapy program, typically each term. This is a great way to experience the power of equine insights within a group setting and build on your wisdom over the 5 week period. A different topic and activity is explored each week.

BYO Group – Maximum 8 participants. Price on Application. Dates can be negotiated to suit.

Please contact us for more information or to register your interest.

Facilitated by Kim Wren.