Innate leadership – a day program for organisations and professionals

wedgetail with noddieWhat would it feel like to walk on ground that has no premade path?

To experience the world with all five senses at once?

To share breath with the animals and trees that call the Yarra Valley home?

To step out of the manmade world of offices and deadlines and experience a world not far way with its own sense of timing and place?

Our Innate Leadership one-day program invites you and your team to ‘be outside’ and discover how reconnecting with nature is a powerful antidote to the stresses of the modern world, and help you discover how your own unique attributes and skills can enhance your professional and personal life.

You will be invited to participate in a range of activities that can provide the following outcomes:

  • Discover innate leadership styles that support healthy positive relationships
  • Build a sense of community among your people
  • Reconnect with nature, get back in your body and rediscover your sense of wonder
  • Explore how creativity can enhance problem solving
  • Discover stress-balancing strategies you can use every day

Nature provides many opportunities for learning about leadership style and developing self-agency. Horses provide direct feedback that can illuminate where we are being dominant, instead of partnering, how our nonverbal communication/body language is influencing our message and the role of mutual trust in achieving objectives.

Our program provides experiential learning that is transferable to everyday life. We draw on the theories and practices of mindfulness, eco therapy, positive mental health practices and Equine Facilitated Learning to provide participants with a comprehensive and satisfying experience.

Activities during the day may include:

  • mindfulness session observing herd dynamics
  • grooming session
  • leading horses through obstacles
  • walk in the natural bush setting with the horse
  • debrief and/or art therapy session

This program provides important tools that aid in the wellbeing of individuals and therefore the organisations they work for. It is an absolutely necessary response to the increasing demands of working life, increased sedentary lifestyle trends and over reliance on screens. For urban dwellers and workers, this reconnect to nature can be profound.

When: Wednesday 21 March 2018 from 9.30 to 5pm (or by arrangement)

Groups of 6

$350 per participant for full day program, includes lunch

Program can be booked by individuals or teams or speak to us about a purpose-built session for your organisation on a day of your choice.

Our farm and horse facility is set in a natural environment on 150 acres of pristine bushland.  Toilet (portaloo) and shelter facilities are ‘rustic’ to enhance the nature based theme of this day but are clean and fit for the purpose.

We are registered with Horse Safety Australia and have full Public Liability insurance. Practitioners are also insured with IICT.

No prior experience with horses is required.

Kim Wren is an Equine Facilitated Learning coach (level 2), horseriding coach and qualified art therapist. She is the owner of Wedgetail Rides and has previously worked as a qualified horticulturist.

Lindy Schneider is an Equine Facilitated Learning coach (level 2) and qualified counsellor and art therapist. She has a post graduate qualification in writing and a Commerce degree in Marketing and Human Resources. She has previously worked for multinational organisations in marketing roles, and currently runs a freelance writing business.