Wedgetail Riders Group

The Wedgetail Riders program is offered in a Pony Club format that has its foundation in natural horsemanship.

We offer a relaxed and supportive environment for children to develop real skills over time, recognising the power of the interrelationship between horse and rider and the way in which this facilitates a child’s sense of self-worth and respect for the natural world.

When we remove the ‘rush for results’ and the demands of performance from the child’s world, they are able to develop a deeper level of trust in their own abilities and experience themselves as an intimate part of nature. For children learning at Wedgetail Rides, something is always ‘happening’ even when it appears it isn’t.

We value the following:

Confidence – Every child has their own process with their horse and we take the time to build solid foundations that are not only physical (as in riding skills), but also support the emotional, mental and spiritual, as well. Children are challenged to overcome personal obstacles, but not pushed, and so build resilience and positivity over time.

Connection – It takes time to foster and nurture relationships and children are supported to bond with a horse in their own unique way with gentleness and understanding.

Consciousness – Children are given experiences of mindfulness through their interactions with horses, providing life enhancing skills that support the development of what it is to be human, how to handle difficulties and other essential life skills.

Community – The children belong to a broader community within the Wedgetail family. The older participants, parents and the extended support base we have in horse related services and therapists, all contribute as companions to the sense of belonging and the opportunity to deepen relationships not only with others but within the herd as well.

Creativity and Fun – A sense of joy and delight is essential to the experience. We create happy experiences and learn from happy horses. We explore different ways of being with horses and creative ways of building connection.

Mutual Respect, Trust and Friendship between Human and Horse is the main goal.

On Pony Club days children will:

  • Learn all aspects of horse ownership including feeding, rugging, grooming and so on
  • Care for their horse and learn how to keep horses and humans healthy and safe
  • Participate in a riding skills development lesson
  • Enjoy a shared lunch
  • Participate in a series of workshops, theory and demonstrations including groundwork, horse agility, equine first aid and skill building games
  • Enjoy a trail ride in nature
  • Keep a pony journal where they can write or draw about their experience
  • Club days are held once a month from 10.30am to 3.30pm.
  • $120 per Club Day. (Discounts for term prepayment)


Wedgetail Rides is now taking bookings for Term 4 for the Children’s Riders group

We will no longer be offering casual places in this program and request that a commitment is made and paid for upfront for the full term. We will offer a 10% discount on all term bookings paid for prior to 8 October 2017.

The current format will continue ie once per month, 10.30am to 3.30pm, lunch included. The cost per session is $120. There are 3 sessions in term 4.

Term investment $360 per child  (or $330 with 10% discount for upfront payment)

Places/horses will only be reserved for fully paid up participants.


Cash To Kim
Direct Debit Account  Bank: Bendigo Bank

Name:             Kim Wren

BSB:               633 000

Account:        149414096

Paypal Use account ID
Credit card Payment portal on our website (coming soon)

Please support us in providing a sustainable and healthy environment for our horses by honouring these conditions.  While we understand last minute changes are at times unavoidable, Wedgetail Rides cannot absorb the continued challenges of lost income by way of cancellations. We need your support to ensure a high standard of service provision and our ability to support a wide range of clients.