Our People


Proprietor Kim Wren is a fully accredited instructor with Horse Safety Australia and has more than thirty years experience with horses. She is also a Level 2 instructor in Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL).

Kim Wren recognised her love of horses at a very early age, and has always felt part of the wonderful and embracing world of nature.

Her first pony Tammy was her constant companion for a decade and a half. Together they attended pony clubs, competed in one to three day events, and state and zone game teams all over Victoria.

Kim has a background in horticulture and has been fortunate to have held positions in state forests and botanical gardens Australia wide. Her affinity with horses has been all enduring. She has been working for many years giving lessons to both children and adults as well as taking trail rides. Kim has completed an Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy and  offers a new approach that brings together her vast experience with horses within a therapeutic and self-development environment. 


Lindy is an EFL practitioner, art therapist/counsellor and writer. She has developed a range of services around horses and creativity that you can read more about here including her Equine Facilitated Writing program.

She first knew how much she needed horses in her life at age five, but it has taken forty years for her to have her first horse (read about her rescue horse Honey) and find the solace and deep commitment of building an equine relationship every day.

On reflection,  life has long been preparing her for this grand passion in equine therapy and she draws on her background in Marketing and Human Resource Management and as a Counsellor and Art Therapist in clinical practice (and tutoring) and a post-graduate qualification in writing.

She is a published author and has a keen interest in weaving together experiences for people that connects them with equine partners in the natural world to facilitate health, healing and a deeper sense of self and human potential.

Her greatest lessons in life have come from her equine relationships. She is a Level 2 instructor in  Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) and enjoys supporting others to explore the same power and grace that she has come to know as essential to ‘being’  with horses.