Our Horses


Breed: Standardbred x Clydesdale

Age:  17.11.03

Height:  17hh

Colour: Dark BayMarkings: Blaze and three socks

Sex: Gelding

Temperament:  Heavy but gentle. Ok for walking beginners. Excellent trail riding. Needs a confident rider in arena as he is lazy and doesn’t like flatwork.

Traits: Herd Boss. Does not get along with Bee. Agility only with stronger person.

Born on the property.



Breed: Clydesdale x Percheron

Age:  17.11.10

Height: approx 16hh

Colour: Brown/Black

Markings: White Blaze

Sex: Mare

Temperament:  Has not yet been started. Easy to handle. Very heavy and dopey but gentle as a mouse.

Traits: Brings out emotions in people.


Breed: Standardbred

Age:  14

Height: 15,2hh

Colour: Dark Bay

Markings: A sock

Sex: Gelding

Temperament:  Beautiful and kind natured with humans. People tend to connect with him. For beginners to advanced riders with ALL abilities. Excellent trail rider. Doesn’t enjoy flatwork.

Traits: Is asserting his leadership with the other horses.  Acts like the stallion of the herd.


rojo blue eyesBreed: QH x Clydesdale

Age:  27.04.09

Height: 15hh

Colour: Paint SQUBLL

Markings: Blue eye, black tail

Sex: Gelding

Temperament:  Quiet and inquisitive. Excellent to lunge. Good agility. Good in arena, but a bit lazy.

Traits: Gets excited on trail rides and can get silly but not nasty.

Born on the property. Son of Tia.



Breed:  unknown

Age:  9

Height: 14,3 hh

Colour: Dapple Grey

Markings: nil

Sex: Gelding

Temperament: Cheeky with a strong personality. Doesn’t shy. Ok in arena. Intermediate riders.

Traits: Still learning his traits. Unknown history.

Surrendered to Wedgetail Rides.


Rojo and tia

Breed:  QH cross

Age:  19

Height: 14,2hh

Colour: Paint Skewball

Markings: Map of Australia on her rump. Is wider than she is tall.

Sex: Mare

Temperament: Quiet, forward moving and extremely sensitive.

Traits: Tia was born deaf and therefore  never gets tied up. She needs to feel safe at all times. Has trouble calming down after a canter. Sensitive under pressure.

Rojo’s mum.



Breed:  Arab x Welsh

Age: 10

Height: 14 hh

Colour: Bay

Markings: White splash on her forehead. Dappled coat.

Sex: Mare

Temperament: Mellow and easy going. Easy to ride, very responsive.

Traits: Sometimes dances on a trail ride. Must keep a safe distance from Diesel as they don’t get along.


Breed:  Thoroughbred

Age: 2

Height: still growing

Colour: Bay

Markings: half sock

Sex: Gelding

Temperament: Gentle, mellow and loves cuddles.

Traits: Loves to have his head cuddled.

Rescued and born here.




Breed:  Australian Riding Pony

Age: 9

Height: 12,3hh

Colour: Chestnut

Markings: Blaze and three socks

Sex: Female

Temperament: Forward moving, needs her space. Fantastic jumper. Good at agility and soccer.

Traits: Trying to be head mare. Likes to know where everyone is and can be a bit feisty.




Breed:  Australian Riding Pony

Age: 23

Height: 12,2hh

Colour:  Buckskin

Markings: Three socks

Sex: Mare

Temperament: Forward moving, fantastic at agility, loves swimming. Great jumper. Rider needs sensitive hands. Intermediate to advanced riders only. Needs extra padding on saddle.

Traits: Good with boys. Great lead horse. 


Breed:  Shetland Pony

Age: 14

Height: 9,3

Colour: Chestnut

Markings: Lions mane.

Sex: Gelding

Temperament: Brilliant. Excellent beginner’s horse.

Traits: Keep distance when riding behind Mighty. He doesn’t like weight on his rump so needs to be mounted and dismounted keeping clear of this area.


noddie heroBreed:  Shetland Pony

Age:  15

Height: 8,3hh

Colour: Paint (mostly black, with a hidden bit of white under his mane)

Markings: Three socks and a stocking.

Sex: Gelding

Temperament: Excellent at agility and soccer.  Great lead pony.

Traits: Leaps over poles.  Not happy when lunged. Great pony for children with disabilities.


Rescued from White Angels Horse Rescue